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The fastest and most efficient method to establish a presence. Secure a ranking on Google search engines. EDU backlinks from websites are more trustworthy but it can be challenging to obtain them. But with Rank UP you will get them. (Maximum 15 business days for delivery)

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If you’re aiming to reach the spot in search engine rankings and dominate the online realm it’s crucial to understand the power of backlinks from educational (EDU) sites. Here’s an important fact; search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo! highly value backlinks. When you tap into this resource, you’ll experience the impact on your website.

EDU sites enjoy a level of trust from search engines, particularly Google. By acquiring.EDU backlinks for your website, you’ll have an advantage in search engine rankings compared to your rivals.

Through Rank UP 1000 .EDU backlinks service we will ensure that your website gets listed on blogs and profile pages hosted on .EDU domains. These backlinks will include anchor text of your choice along with a link leading back to your website URL.

Upon completion of our work, we will provide you with a report containing all the necessary details such, as URLs and other relevant information.


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